Halloween Safety

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Many people love Halloween- choosing or making costumes, meeting up with friends and family, trick or treating or attending trunk or treat events- lots of fun for kids and adults. There are a few simple ways that you can ensure your child’s holiday is SAFE and fun this year.

Preschool Halloween

  • Our parties held at preschool are a blast every year! Look for treat sign up sheets for the big day, making sure that nothing is sent to school that includes any peanuts or treenuts to avoid allergies. Keep in mind we try to focus on healthy snacks as school that day, as we know most students will be receiving a lot of sweets during family activities. Our preschool Halloween party takes place during preschool time.
  • Feel free to send a costume with your child to school as well as a change of clothes. Some families have even opted in the past to have children wear a different costume to school to save this year’s costume for the big night. Regardless, we will make sure kids change out of costumes before eating or drinking to avoid any spills!
  • We do ask for no overly scary costumes. We realize some fearless kiddos love to get into the spirit of scary Halloween. As a preschool and learning center, we want to ensure costumes brought in are rated G for our timid kiddos comfort.

Halloween on the town

  • Halloween costumes are often made for the short term- be sure to check your child’s costume for frays or tears that could be a tripping hazard, as well as loose embellishments that could be a choking hazard. Be careful with DIY costumes (especially for infants) that may have small parts- remember, anything that can fit the through a paper towel tube is a choking hazard!
  • Adding something reflective (like tape, fabric paint, or fabric) is always a good idea. The sun will be setting early by Halloween and being able to spot kids clearly at dusk is a safety bonus. Something else to keep in mind is that costumes are frequently made from flammable material, so keep candles up and away.
  • Make sure your littles know sidewalk and road safety, look both ways before crossing, using crosswalks and following signals, holding hands with a grown up, and staying together are all important tips.
  • This is an oldy but a goody- always check your child’s candy before they dig in. 

An ounce of prevention will go far in providing a safe and fun Halloween for your kiddo!