Let’s Get Serious About Learning: Having Fun Daily

Little Nest Core Value: Having Fun Daily


There was a #ThrowbackThursday! Some of the most effective teaching techniques we utilize at Little Nest Preschool have a lot of FUN built in.

We’ve used clowning techniques to talk about gravity, created elaborate movies written and acted by the students, performed African dances, utilized yoga, and something as simple as the video above is how we teach hand washing.  We’ve used ripped up toilet paper for pretend snow, encouraging the kids to work on the fine motor skills with ripping and tearing, then throwing it in the air (throwing toilet paper snowballs at each other, burying each other in the “snow.”)

We take our work preparing our students for kindergarten very seriously. But that doesn’t mean that learning always has to be so serious! That’s why at Little Nest Preschool, having fun daily is one of our Core Values.