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Spirit of Volunteerism 

October 2019

We’re gearing up to help out once again at Scare in the Square in Rapid City!

Last year this event was COLD. It was RAINY. And oh boy, was it windy!  Our teachers bundled up, hunkered down and had SO MUCH FUN helping with this event!

Then there was the Easter Egg Hunt of 2015…  Easter Egg (Drive Thru?) I mean…

There have been sunburned face painter teachers. Soaking wet mud pie kitchen teachers.  Stuffing of birthday bags for the food bank teachers. Holiday parties beyond compare and hours upon hours at the Kids Fair.

At Little Nest Preschool, we’re proud to be part of the Rapid City community. We’re happy to volunteer throughout the Hills to support early learners having fun with their families. It’s just what we do! 🙂



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