Mommy’s Crying in the Parking Lot: The First Day of Child Care


I cried the first day I left my girls at child care.

They were two years old.  I had been able to stay home with my twins for the first year, and they had spent the second year at home with grandpa, but now here it was. The first day I had to leave my tiny girls with strangers. And I was starting it off by bawling in the driveway.

We got out of the car and walked around the block. We looked at the trees and talked about the kitties we saw and dogs barking from yards.  I stalled until I would risk being late for work. I smiled, hugged my little ones and told them they would have a great day. Then I went back out to my car and cried the whole way to my office.

It turned out that I would become the assistant director of this child care as it expanded. Even before I began working there, the staff showed me that child care can be family- a home away from home.

It’s scary to leave your little one.  We understand that you want your child to have fun, learn, make friends, feel happy and be safe.  Your kids are our kids, your family is our family.

We hope this will be your experience at Little Nest Preschool and Little Nest Child Care and Learning Center.  This is why one of our core values is: Treat Children Like They Are Our Own.