South Dakota Families and Political Concern

politics and kids

There’s no doubt- politics are a divisive issue.

Where does your family fall in the political arena?  Do you have spirited debates in front of your kids? Is everyone in your family or household in the same camp, or is there discord? Do you agree to disagree, or is everyone united? Maybe politics are off limits, or of little to no concern around your dinner table.

Regardless of what your family dynamic looks like, what happens in Pierre affects all of us. Like it or not, decisions made there each legislative session can have huge impact on your family and other South Dakotans you know and love.

Just a few on the line address limiting medical decisions and care for parents and children, control and bans of certain types of surrogate pregnancies, striking irreconcilable differences from reasons for divorce, and banning certain types of marriages in SD. There is also legislation to provide for exceptions for starting kindergarten early, creation of an early learning advisory council, as well as many other laws that will affect you, especially if you are a business owner, or (as we all are) a tax payer.

This legislative session, consider taking a look at upcoming legislation and reaching out to your representatives. It’s important that they know how you feel and what you think so they can better represent you in Pierre.

Find the list of 2020 Bills here:

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You can also reach out to Senator Jessica Castleberry and owner of Little Nest here:

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