Thanksgiving is a fun time at preschool!

person holding a basket of fruits

We work on themes of thankfulness and gratitude. We have a lot of preschool traditions that are a favorite, making pumpkin pie with the kids and then asking them to describe the recipe, gratitude turkey feathers, and of course, voting on their preschool Thanksgiving feast.

We know most kiddos will get their fill of turkey, potatoes, and all the fixings on Thanksgiving. Rather than pre-empt the big family event on Thursdays, we have the students vote in their classrooms on what they’d like to have. This leads to a great discussion regarding meat, dairy, fruits, vegetables, and grains, creating a balanced meal, communicating with their classmates, and then of course, math, and is an introduction to the voting process (so appropriate for November!). Lots of learning takes place in one activity. The Thanksgiving feasts have led to chicken legs, macaroni, apples, and carrots, lasagna, and oranges with biscuits and peas… The possibilities are endless! Be sure to stay tuned and ask your child what they chose for Wednesday, November 23!