What’s in a Name? Why “Little Nest?”

April 2019

Once upon a time back in 2001-2008, our owner operated a children’s theater production company called Meadowlark Productions. They produced over 50 shows all over the Black Hills, offered children’s theater classes, child-acted shows and adult-acted shows for children, and a part time preschool of fine arts.

Peggy the Pint Sized Pirate, Dahl Arts Center 2006

After a couple of years as a preschool instructor with a school district and assistant director for a day care center it was time to offer more options for care and education in Rapid City and quality employment opportunities for early childhood educators.

Little Nest was opened in March of 2010 originally as an in home preschool.

But what to call this new adventure?

Little Nest wasn’t (at that time) on the same scale as Meadowlark Productions had been… So, what could be the scaled down version of a large theatrical company called Meadowlark Productions? Little Nest of course!

Ironically, Little Nest LLC has grown to far surpass its predecessor. Although our nest is much bigger nowadays, we still hold on to our vision of providing a safe, clean, fun, educational, family-focused preschool and child care center, AND we continually strive to have the friendliest, most professional staff around!